Container Refresh: Add Summer Color With Houseplants

Container Refresh: Add Summer Color With Houseplants

It's time to get your hands dirty! Add houseplants to summer containers for a mid-season refresh.
Ready to get your hands dirty? Turn to colorful houseplants for a midsummer container makeover.

I saw some gorgeous street-side containers on a recent trip to New York City that were the brightest thing on the block. Some of my favorites included (surprise!) houseplants in a mishmash of colors, leaf shapes, and textures. So, of course, I came home to do some refresh planting in my own yard. You can, too. Here are some quick ideas:

Amp Up Color
Colorful variegation If you want to add instant and long-lasting color to a container, add a Colorful Aglaonema. This Thailand native is revered as a houseplant, but it can also shine in shaded locations outdoors. The swirling red, green, and white leaves add instant freshness to any container.

Turn on the Lights
Chartreuse foliage brightens a container with footlight plantings. Get this eye-popping look from a variety of plants. For sunny spots, try sweet potato vine. This big-leafed vining annual cascades down the sides of any container or window box with wild abandon. If you have a container in a shaded spot, you can get the same glowy look by tucking in a Neon pothos. This beauty will also vine downwards or climb upwards.

Tuck in Texture
Interesting leaf patterns Make any container more visually interesting by tucking in a calathea or variegated Aglaonema. Known for their strappy upward-growing leaves stamped with an array of interesting patterns, calatheas and Aglaonema excel indoors and out in a shaded location.

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Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson