Create Plant Vignettes

Create Plant Vignettes

Learn the art of clustering plants (and other items) to create beautiful garden vignettes. 
Interior design and garden design have lot of things in common. In home design, a grouping of items on a table or mantle is called a vignette. It’s like a little still life.

You can do the same thing outdoors in your garden or on your porch or deck. A grouping of objects and plants becomes a focal point. Here are four ways to create a thematic vignette in your garden, deck, or yard. 

1 Make a still life on a table.
Group small items, such as planted containers (here we used a rusted urn and footed blue-and-white ceramic dish), and pot up with plants. For porches and shaded patio areas, use glossy-leaf tropical plants, such as colorful anthurium. To complete the vignette, add a third item (such as a bowl of berries) and you have a photo-worthy grouping.

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2 Pull up a seat, then cluster in pots.
A classic element of many formal gardens is a bench. A bench at the end of a path, walkway, or long narrow spot (such as a side yard), creates a visual destination. With a cluster of containers near the bench, you offer a visual welcome as well as a place to sit. 

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3 Create a vertical grouping.
Create a grouping of objects that draws the eye upward. Plant perennial vines, such as clematis or tropical mandevilla in a colorful container, then place a trellis against a wall on your patio for it to scramble up. Instant vertical lift! 

4 Create a gallery effect.
Add a grouping of like items (such as metal sap buckets planted with floppy grasses) and line them up on a wall. 

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Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson