Get a Fresh Start with Lucky Bamboo

Get a Fresh Start with Lucky Bamboo

Have you ever noticed that almost every Asian restaurant has a pot of Lucky Bamboo on their counter? Discover how lucky and easy they are.
Have you ever noticed that almost every Asian restaurant has a pot of Lucky Bamboo on their counter? It doesn’t matter where you live either. I’ve seen gorgeous containers of Lucky Bamboo in restaurants across the United States and Canada.

Although they are called bamboo, these easy-to-grow plants are actually members of the dracaena family. In Asian culture, a gift of Lucky Bamboo is believed to bring you good fortune, luck, wealth, prosperity, and happiness, which make it the perfect gift for events such as graduations, weddings, house warmings, or business openings. 

It is also considered a popular Feng Shui cure for home or office because it combines all five Feng Shui elements for a harmonious universe: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

Here’s a rundown of how those five elements are combined in a single gift of Lucky Bamboo:

Wood: represented by the plant itself

Water: the water needed by the bamboo to sustain growth

Fire: many Lucky Bamboo plants are tied with a red ribbon or planted in a red pot that represent the color of fire

Metal: the container the Lucky Bamboo grows in represents metal and if your plant is sold in a ceramic pot it will often have a coin or small metal figurine included.

Surprisingly, the number of stalks in your Lucky Bamboo also matters.

Two stems represent success in Love and Marriage

Three stems symbolize Happiness

Five stems encourage good Health

Eight stems provide Wealth and Abundance

Nine stems offer Good Fortune

Ten stems symbolize Contentment

Twenty-one stems represent a Powerful Blessing

Note: Plants aren't usually sold in groupings of four because it's believed to summon negative energy.

Keeping Lucky Bamboo happy is easy! If you are growing it in water, change the water regularly to keep it fresh. and place the plant in a location that receives bright, indirect light. Lucky Bamboo does not like direct sunlight. You can also grow Lucky Bamboo in soil. Just water whenever the surface of the soil dries out.

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