Introducing Plants with Benefits™

Introducing Plants with Benefits™

Discover plants that help you live better.
Costa Farms has launched a new collection of houseplants, called Plants with Benefits™, to help you live better! These varieties are hand-chosen to provide these important health and wellness benefits. Plants with Benefits™ are available exclusively at Walmart, both for ordering online and in-store in the garden center area. The color-coded plant tags reveal the wellness powers of each plant. Choose your benefit: 

Breathe Easy

Benefit: Cleaner air. Plants add fresh oxygen to the air.
Tag Color: Green
Plants included: Aglaonema, Majesty Palm, Dieffenbachia, Sansevieria, Spathiphyllum, Dracaena

Stay Centered

Benefit: Stress reduction.  Studies show houseplants may help reduce stress/anxiety.
Tag Color: Orange
Plants included: Pothos, White bird of Paradise, ZZ Plant, Mass Cane, Kimberly Queen, Sago Palm, Ponytail Palm, Red Aglaonema


Benefit: Increased mental acuity. Studies show houseplants may help boost memory, cognition, creativity, and problem-solving.
Tag Color: Black
Plants included: Yucca, Dracaena marginata, Calathea, Cordyline, Monstera, Fiddleleaf Fig, Bromeliads, Pink Pineapple Plant, Bird’s Nest Fern, and Alocasia

You’ll find the Plants with Benefits™ collection comes in two sizes—tabletop plants in 6-inch-diameter pots and floor plants in 10-inch-diameter pots. These pots have been designed in a selection of natural, earthy colors and have a handcrafted feel to match with a wide variety of home décor and office looks. Additionally, plants are grown in a soil medium made from recycled coconut husks called coir, which is sustainable and environmentally responsible. See the collection of Plants with Benefits™ from

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson