My Magical Money Tree

My Magical Money Tree

Money tree adds elegance to your favorite indoor space. 

Money tree (Pachira) is one of those houseplants I've always seen but never grown. I'm not sure why it didn't appeal to me; it may just have been that I never ran into a money tree at the right time. 

About a year ago, I received a money tree as a gift. Three, actually, planted in a boat-shaped planter like what's shown here. And they've completely changed my perception of this plant. 

It's survived -- and thrived -- on my desk here at work, including the periods I was out of the office and my colleagues forgot to water my plants in my absence. (RIP, rabbit's foot fern...) It's also made it through my periods of inconsistent watering. It doesn't get any direct sun, yet it still looks good. Great, actually! These three little money trees in their boat are some of the best-looking plants I have on my desk (and I have more than 25 plants with them). 

Besides being so easy to care for, I also love how versatile money tree is. My specimen is only about 12 inches tall -- but you can find specimens in larger pots that are several feet tall. (The bigger ones usually have braided stems, adding an extra level of interest.)

Here in South Florida where I live, I can also find money trees planted outdoors as large shade trees. They have a wonderful texture in the landscape, and pretty blooms, too. While it's not hardy outdoors in areas that experience frosty temperatures, it is pretty cool to know what my little money trees have the ability to grow into. 

If you're looking for a cool houseplant, money tree is definitely one I'd recommend because of how easy it is to grow and it's delightful character. 

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Written by Justin Hancock