Popular Philodendron Types

Popular Philodendron Types

Discover some of the most popular philodendron types we grow here at Costa Farms.
Since the explosion in popularity of houseplants a few years ago, it’s been interesting to see (and try to predict!) which varieties catch on. We are always watching trends and testing new varieties so we can bring you beautiful and interesting houseplants for your space. 

Three closely related groups of plants -- monstera, philodendron, and pothos, have been especially popular lately. Here are some of the most popular philodendron types we grow. 

Philodendron BirkinBirkin Philodendron
Birkin is a newer variety. It is notable for its large, dark green leaves festively variegated with creamy-white pinstripes. Each leaf is different. Together they offer a distinctive look on this popular houseplant. Birkin is considered to be a self-heading type of philodendron. This means it doesn’t climb or vine. Rather, it grows in a mound-like shape with a short stem and large leaves relatively close together.
Fun Fact: Birkin is believed to be a sport of Red Congo. 

Philodendron BrasilBrasil Philodendron
Discovered in Brazil in the early 1990s, this climbing philodendron type shows off dark green leaves variegated with golden-green centers. It has an easy-growing nature and variegated foliage, helping it become one of the most common philodendron varieties. Brasil tolerates the average apartment, house, or office conditions. This makes it a good choice for first-time houseplant owners. Like many other types of climbing philodendron, its leaves become larger if its grown vertically in warm, bright conditions.
Fun Fact: Brasil was so unique it was patented (USPP12,956).

Philodendron hederaceumGreen Heartleaf Philodendron
The houseplant many people first start with. Green heartleaf philodendron is delightfully tolerant of a wide range of growing conditions. It is a climbing variety you can enjoy in hanging baskets, climbing a totem or trellis, or growing along a mantle or tabletop. It sports shiny, dark green leaves. If you grow it up a structure in a warm, bright environment, the leaves may eventually reach 12 inches long or so.
Fun Fact: This species has been known by a variety of botanical names, including Philodendron hederaceum, Philodendron scandens, and Philodendron cordatum.

Micans Philodendron
Micans is an exceptional selection of green heartleaf philodendron. This philodendron type features bronzy-green, heart-shaped foliage that has a velvety appearance. Like its cousin, Micans is similarly versatile, being a fine choice for hanging baskets, tabletops, and totems. Many gardeners find it a bit slower growing than green heartleaf philodendron.

Red Congo Philodendron
Also called Rojo Congo, this type of philodendron is also self-heading so it doesn’t vine or climb. Enjoy younger specimens as tabletop plants; older, more mature specimens make for better floor plants. It shows off large leaves that emerge reddish-purple before maturing to a deep, dark green. It typically grows 2 to 3 feet wide at maturity.
Fun Fact: It is often grown as an outdoor landscape plant in frost-free regions like South Florida.
This is the variety shown at the top of the blog.

Written by Justin Hancock