Sansevieria: Best Houseplant for Dark Corners

Sansevieria: Best Houseplant for Dark Corners

There are some houseplants I just can't be without. Sansevieria (or snake plant) is one of my favorites. These awesome plants look great in any room or light conditions.
If you love plants as much as I do, you probably already have some favorites that you just can’t be without. For me, it’s the humble sansevieria (aka snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue). Even as a small child I was fascinated with these super-easy plants, especially after my Grandmother determined I was old enough to care for her carefully cultivated “snake plants” as she always called them. Tall, stately and edged with bright yellow, my Grandmother’s plants flanked the front door for as long as I could remember.

As I got older I discovered just how collectible sansevieria were. Some varieties can reach almost 4 feet in height while others barely grow 4 inches tall. The foliage varies, too! Many have striped foliage in different shades of green -- with or without yellow stripes (no two ever seem to have the same patterns), but you can also find plants with solid gray or dark green leaves that almost look black.

Not only are sansevieria a plant-hoarder's dream, they also thrive on neglect. They don’t need to be watered often and the plants will be just fine in a dark corner of your living room. Just keep them away from direct sunlight where their leaves may fade. Sansevieria don’t mind being rootbound either so you won’t have to repot them very often.

When you think about it, sansevieria are almost the perfect plant: they can take the dark, don’t mind dry spells, and come in a fascinating selection of shapes and colors. It’s no wonder I’ve been fascinated by them for so long. My Grandmother would be proud.

Written by Doug Jimerson