Share Houseplants with Kids in Your Life

Share Houseplants with Kids in Your Life

Kids and houseplants mix perfectly: Kids love plants and plants help keep kids healthy.

We love seeing people make connections with plants -- especially children. So when a local school approached us and asked if we'd be willing to donate some plants to their fourth-grade class as Mother's Day presents, we jumped at the chance. It was so much fun watching the kids interact with the easy houseplants and get excited about hearing how plants clean the air and help them stay healthy. 

Have you tried getting a kid involved with houseplants? It's a great way to help them learn about responsibility since plants need regular watering and the right amount of light to thrive. Plus, scientific studies show that having plants around can help us concentrate and learn better, as well as scrubbing harmful chemicals and mold from the air. 

Some easy houseplants that are perfect for kids (or first-timers) include:
Chinese evergreen
Devil's backbone
Earth star
Ponytail palm
Snake plant
Spider plant 
Red aglaonema

Written by Justin Hancock