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Hot New Flowers for 2014

Every year plant breeders release a host of brand-new plants. Here are some that caught our attention! By Justin Hancock

Brighten Up Shady Spots with Foliage and Flowers

Flowers, foliage, tropicals -- see what you can grow in the shade. 

Consider the Lilies

Lilies are one of the best perennials for planting in mass.

Raise Your Sights

Pot-lined stair steps make a beautiful entryway. 

Get the Jump on Spring with Fall-Planted Perennials

Fall planting perennials is a smart thing to do because you'll be rewarded with tons of color in your spring and summer garden.

Planter Profile: Steven Bryant

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to growing plants. Assistant grower, Perennials at Costa Layman, Steven Bryant talks about...

Grow Perennials Like a Pro

Learn more about our free perennial gardening class. Take just a few minutes a week, and you can grow perennials like a pro. 

Hosta: Little Plant, Big Variety

Add color and interest to your shade garden with hosta varieties. Get tips for using this versatile plant in your yard.

How Perennials Can Help You Live a Better Life

Perennials are perfect for every landscape. Be sure to add some to your yard!

Embrace Garden Phlox

You can't go wrong with gorgeous garden phlox for adding color and fragrance to your late-summer garden. 

Rock Foil Says Happy Spring

Add early-spring drama to your yard with beautiful, no-fuss rock foil, a charming little flower that doesn't mind cool temperatures. 

WaterWise Gardens

Beautiful and textural succulents are prized for their versatility in the garden.