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Give Your Garden an Edge

Edge your beds, borders, and walkways with gorgeous flowers that will frame your yard with color. By Doug Jimerson

Window Box Wizardry

Add color and style to your home with window boxes packed with colorful annuals, perennials, and succulents. These elevated gardens impro...

Casual, Low-Maintenance Garden Style

Discover how succulent plants, creative garden beds, and kick-back seating help create an easy-care landscape. By Doug Jimerson

Lay Down a Carpet of Color

Get easy, full-flower coverage in gardens, patios, and containers with Drop and Grow® plants. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Small Plants for Small Spaces

You don’t need a huge yard to have a great garden. Even the tiniest plot or balcony has enough space to grow a  wide variety of colorful ...

Dress Up The Edges of Your Yard

Adding a garden along the front or edge of your yard marks the boundary in a beautiful way. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Small Space Landscaping

An urban landscaper lives large in a compact yard. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

The 12 Best Silver Plants for Your Yard

Add a dose of drama to your landscape with silvery plants. They look good with everything and are easy to grow. Here are some of the best...

10 Tips for Terrific Containers

The sky’s the limit when it comes to container gardening. You can grow almost anything in pots and planters, mixing and matching flowers,...

Chic Container Garden Ideas

Design your own chic container gardens by getting ideas from this collection we displayed in the Costa Farms Trial Garden. By Justin Hancock

Cool New Plants for 2017 from Costa Farms

Our Plant Hunters scout the globe for new varieties. Here’s what’s new we’ve been testing and are ready to hit your local garden center i...

Best Flowers for Florida Gardens

What are some of the best flowers to grow in Florida? Here are some of my top picks. By Justin Hancock

Design Ideas for a Shaded Backyard

Have a shaded yard? Don’t worry! You can still enjoy plenty of color and interest. Get ideas from this lovely backyard. By Justin Hancock

12 Perennials You Should Plant in the Fall

Jump-start your spring garden by planting in the fall. The cool, moist autumn weather helps perennials get established so they’ll bloom t...

Mix it Up! 11 Cool Containers That Break the Rules

Think “the more the merrier” when you create your spring containers by mixing up annuals, perennials, tropicals, and houseplants. By Kare...

Perennial Partners for Spring Bulbs

Double the color show in your garden with easy-care perennials, that flower at the same time as spring-blooming bulbs like tulips and daf...

10 Perennials for Late-Summer and Fall Color

Keep the color show going in your backyard right up until frost. Here’s a peek at 10 of our favorite late-season bloomers. By Doug Jimerson

10 Perennials for Dazzling Curb Appeal

Give your home a front-yard makeover with perennial flowers. Here are 10 top picks that will add interest and value to your home. By Doug...

10 Plants Kids Can't Resist

Kids find plants fascinating. They sport fuzzy leaves, prickly spines, surprising scents, and flowers that do magical things. By Karen We...

10 Perennials That Add Colorful Style to Decks

Turn a drab deck or patio into a festival of flowers with containers packed with easy-care perennials. It’s a snap to mix and match diffe...

11 Easy Colorful Container Garden Ideas

Cultivate your artistic side by mixing and matching colorful annuals, perennials, and tropical plants in containers. By Doug Jimerson

Hot New Plants for 2016 from Costa Farms

Every year we're excited to bring you new plants that have passed the tests of our research and development team. Here's a selection for ...

10 Deer-Resistant Plants

If hungry deer have turned your backyard into a Bambi buffet, fight back by planting flowers they won’t eat. Here are 10 of the best deer...

Design Ideas for Fall Containers and Gardens

Just because the calendar says its fall doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening. Here are some planting ideas we found on a recent trip t...