Watering Container Plants (The Easy Way!)

By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Water Your Plants: It’s one of many things on your ever-growing to-do list—and if you’re busy or traveling, you may overlook or totally forget to water. And that creates a sad plant (and a sad you).

New Wick & Grow® technology means that you’ll never under water (or overwater) a houseplant again. Because this simple solution solves a complex problem: not only how to water a plant continuously, but how to water a plant in the exact amount it needs. Wick & Grow® works with the plant to decide when and how much to drink. And that makes a happy plant (and a happy you).  


Self-Serve Hydration

So how does a plant water itself? It’s all thanks to the little blue-and-white string that serves as a straw for the plant. Inserted in the bottom of a pot and dropped into a water reservoir below the pot, this specially designed wick (appropriately called Wick & Grow®) is the delivery device between the plant’s roots and life-giving water. Wick & Grow® allows the plant to drink when it is thirsty. Kinda brilliant.

Easy Innovation

Wick & Grow® helps plant lovers water their plants the way the plants want to be watered. The system consists of three parts:

1. A plastic wick holder that snaps into the bottom of the grower’s pot
2. A blue-and-white wick 
3. A larger pot with a space

The last element is YOU. All you need to do is keep the reservoir filled with water and you’ll never worry about watering again. 

Plant-Size Servings

Plants need different amounts of water at different times in their lifecycle (just as you do). When a plant is grown in a greenhouse, it grows from a seed or cutting into a plant and it has water needs for fast life-cycle changes. When these plants are loaded onto a truck and travel to the nursery—their new environment may mean they need more or less water. When you buy a houseplant and give it a new home, the plant again needs to adjust to another new environment and watering needs may change. Each time a plant experiences a change (and that includes changing seasons), it may necessitate more or less water to adapt to its new conditions. Wick & Grow® takes all the guesswork out of watering. Because it puts the plant in control of its own watering schedule.

Why Consistent Water Matters to Plants

Inconsistent watering is often the cause of a plant’s demise. Too much water will make the roots rot. In effect, roots sitting in water are suffocated. But too little makes the plant gear down into conservation mode, which means wilting leaves, dying flowers. Some plants can’t recover from drought, especially those who are originally from such moist places as the jungle.
For example, a peace lily is one of those drama-queen plants of the houseplant world. When it is , it simply faints. Leaves droop and the plant looks stressed. Give it some water and it bounces back to life.

Wick & Grow® delivers the exact amount of water to the plant when it needs it. No stress, no drama. Just one happy plant.  All. The. Time.