Why Crotons Are Bringing Sexy Back

Why Crotons Are Bringing Sexy Back

Go big and bold with crotons!
Croton is the perfect plant for you if you’re looking to use houseplants to make a high-impact statement in your indoor décor (and really, why wouldn’t you want a houseplant to be dramatic?). Most croton varieties have variegated foliage boldly marked with outrageous shades of orange, red, yellow, and purple. Plus, croton varieties many offer unusual leaf shapes, including spirals and spoons. 

Crotons Add Swagger
Because their leaves are so colorfully variegated, crotons are perfect for adding a bold, ostentatious look to your home décor. Croton varieties such as ‘Petra’ are particularly good for this because of their large leaf size. Make the most of your croton by placing it in front of a large window or glass door that gets some direct sun; when the leaves are backlit, they practically look on fire. And, because they like bright light, a spot like that will make them thrive. 

Crotons Colorize the Office 
Spice up your cubicle’s the gray/beige/taupe color scheme with an eye-catching croton. Smaller, tabletop varieties (especially those in our Exotic Angel collection) fit on any desk and thrive under artificial lighting. 
Bonus: Scientific evidence shows that having plants in the office can keep you healthy; researchers found that workers who had plants suffered fewer headaches, sore throats, and sick days. Other research proves having plants around while you work can make you more productive and efficient. That croton might help get you a raise!  

Guys: Crotons Can Help Make You More Attractive
In addition to being a stylish home-décor accent, that croton shows you have a softer side because you’re able to keep a plant alive. Happily, crotons are a lot easier to care for than a cat or dog; just water weekly, give the plant enough light, and you’re all set. 

Written by Justin Hancock