Why You Will Always Succeed with Red Aglaonema

Why You Will Always Succeed with Red Aglaonema

Looking for success! Try Red Aglaonema! 
Red Aglaonema is perfect for you whether you’ve been afraid to try a houseplant, grown houseplants before and haven’t had success, or you have so many your house is like a jungle. 

Grow Like a Pro
Red Aglaonema treats you well -- even if you neglect it (making Red Aglaonema a lot easier to maintain than a pet). This houseplant is remarkably tolerant of just about every type of care. Low light? Check. Bright light? No problem. A couple of weeks without water? Red Aglaonema hardly notices. Don’t want to worry about repotting? No worries -- as a houseplant, Red Aglaonema doesn’t mind tight quarters. The only real issue is overwatering -- be sure the soil dries between waterings and never stays wet or soggy. 

Look Like a Stylist
Our second-favorite feature of Red Aglaonema is that you can hardly kill it is that it looks good -- really good! There are a couple of different varieties, and they all do an outstanding job of looking great. The red or pink variegation holds up all year -- every day -- so you don’t have to worry about it not looking as pretty at certain times of the year. 

Be Healthier
Red Aglaonema is an efficient air-purifying plant, too -- so having one can keep you healthy because it removes harmful VOCs from the air. If you live in a cold-winter climate and suffer from dry skin, chapped lips, or other winter discomforts, Red Aglaonema can help keep you looking and feeling better. This is because the plant gently humidifies the air as a part of its breathing process. 

Written by Justin Hancock