A New Twist on Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor

A New Twist on Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor

Same color scheme, new look. Try anthurium, croton, and orchids for a fresh Thanksgiving dinner look.
It’s mid October, and if you’re a planner, then you might already be putting together the notes for your family’s Thanksgiving holiday dinner. (Good for you, BTW.) If you are thinking about holiday centerpieces, you may want to change up the traditional cornucopia of options (including well, cornucopias, as well as gourds, mini pumpkins, and tiny turkey cut outs). This year, try something new, different, and refreshing! Here are three colorful options for your holiday table and front entryway.

The thick leathery blossoms of anthurium can be the bridge plant from Thanksgiving to the winter holidays. That’s because when you buy anthuriums for your Thanksgiving holiday decor, the blooms will last long enough to enjoy during the winter holidays. Anthuriums come in all the holiday colors. Red/ pink, and white blooms can be used for Thanksgiving centerpieces, then dropped into different containers for the winter holidays. It’s a decorating two-fer.

Get traditional fall colors in a non-traditional Thanksgiving Day arrangement of croton. This tropical plant features showy leaves that are splashed in yellow, red, orange, and brown. You can line a table with small-in-stature plants that add color but aren’t too tall that you can’t have conversations through.

Orchids add an element of sophistication to holiday dinners. Grouped together in a large bowl, these gorgeous flowers offer long-lasting color that, like anthuriums, will last from Thanksgiving to the winter holidays (and beyond). These adaptable plants can be used as centerpieces, front entry welcomers. Try mini orchids in a gift bag to give as a takeaway gift after the holiday meal.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson