Add Vibrant Color to Interior Spaces

Add Vibrant Color to Interior Spaces

Trending Tropicals® houseplants offer a surprising range of hues.

Most houseplants offer foliage in leafy hues of green. But if you want to add pops of color to your interior spaces with plants, then try these colorful beauties in the Trending Tropicals® collection (which are hand-picked by Costa Farms Plant Hunter Mike Rimland for their unique qualities).


Nanouk Tradescantia
Color Surprise: Tri-color Leaves with Pastel Pink
Tradescantias (also called inch plants) offer almond-shape tri-color leaves. While many varieties sport stripes, subtle coloration, and iridescence, Nanouk has something special: a new color combination! This plant’s extra large leaves are painted with broad stripes of light pink, green, and magenta. Set on a side table to show off its large colorful leaves, using decorative accents to draw attention to the unusual color combo. (Oh, that pink!) Nanouk has a trailing growth habit and it looks amazing tumbling over the edge of a tall pot, urn, or hanging basket. 

Raven ZZ Plant
Color Surprise: Dark Chocolate Brown
Plant collectors have been abuzz about this plant for years, and now Raven is available to everyone. What’s all the fuss about? The color: Raven has glossy, chocolate-brown foliage. Decorators love it because it mixes well with other plants.. ZZ plants are one of the easiest plants to grow because they are so adaptable; they thrive in most kinds of light -- from low to medium light. This plant's arching branches and rich dark foliage make it a must-have houseplant for your office, bedroom or bath. 

Colorful Aglaonema
Color Surprise: Reds, Pinks, Greens, Creams
Aglaonmea (Ag-la-o-ne-ma) may look like a mouthful to pronounce (we call it Colorful Ag for short), but it couldn’t be easier to grow. This boldly colored Chinese evergreen features splashy variegated and bi-colored foliage in reds, pinks, chartreuse, and white hues. Colorful Ags are ideal solutions for home decorators who want plants that push the color-palettes envelope. You can use these plants in place of cut flower arrangements on sofa tables, dining room tables, or kitchen countertops.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson