Big Leaf Monstera: The Decorator's Choice

Big Leaf Monstera: The Decorator's Choice

Discover the decorating talents of monstera, also known as Swiss cheese plant. 
Always a top choice with interior decorators (you see this houseplant in magazine spreads), monstera has played a starring role in my home for years. I love its huge, finely cut leaves that instantly transform any setting into a jungle-like retreat.

If you’re not familiar with the name "monstera" you might know this plant by its several common names, such as Swiss cheese plant or split-leaved philodendron. If you have a small plant, it may not be as split-leafed as bigger plants; the leaves on younger plants aren’t always as finely cut as those growing on mature specimens.

Whatever name you call it, monstera should be on your must-have houseplant list.

First of all, the leaves are magnificent. They can grow two feet in diameter and if left un-pruned, the plants will vine (it needs a support) and can eventually reach your ceiling. If you don't want the jungle look, monstera is easy to prune so you can help the plant maintain a more bushy profile.

Use monstera wherever you want to make a bold statement in any room of your house. It looks great on a table next to a couch in your living room (above). Or add a pair of monsteras to a bedroom and den for a leafy focal point (at left).

Monstera is so easy care. Here are some tips about monstera care:

Monstera isn’t fussy about light and will thrive even in full sun when grown indoors.

Outdoors, monstera works great on a porch or patio during the summer.  Just remember to bring the plants back inside once nightly temperatures drop to 50 F.

Water monstera whenever the soil just begins to dry. Keep in mind that monstera is a native of Central American jungles, so it’s super happy in warm, moist situations.

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Written by Doug Jimerson