Breathe New Life into Your Houseplant Collection

Breathe New Life into Your Houseplant Collection

Add a bold newcomer to infuse excitement.
Home decor experts recommend an easy way to refresh a room: add one or two new elements – a new color, a new texture, a new element that takes center stage. You can use that same decorating technique with your houseplant collection.

The Trending Tropicals® collection offers the most interesting new plants in the horticultural marketplace. Surprising leaf shapes, bold colors, and never-before seen new species. Here are four new plants that will breathe new life into your houseplant display.

Calathea Dottie
Hot pink variegation is the striking design feature of Dottie Calathea. This showy plant can grow 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide, making it a centerpiece choice for desks, tabletops, plant cases, and large terrariums.
How it stands out: Bold Color / Unique pattern
How to use it with other plants: Add to groups of all-green houseplants to create instant contrast.

Mini Monstera
Mini Monstera is ideal for small spaces too – although this climber can ascend more than 6 feet tall, it is smaller than its larger cousin, Monstera deliciosa. Both are loved for their leaves with cuts and holes (called fenestration).
How it stands out: Elegant, unusually shaped leaves
How to use it with other plants: The finely cut leaves of Mini Monstera are a standout among houseplants with long strappy leaves (such as snake plant or dracaena) or rounded leaves (such as peperomia).

Peperomia Schumi Red
Schumi Red Peperomia offers deep ruby crinkly corrugated leaves – color and texture in one plant. Add to windowsills, desks, and tabletops where it will draw attention. Each leaf has a rippled, almost corrugated texture, and bears a rich reddish-purple color that's often deeper on the leaf underside.
How it stands out: Color, texture, plus, in bright light, you might notice the leaves have a sparkly or metallic appearance.
How to use it with other plants: Its reddish-purple color makes for a lovely contrast against green-leafed plants, but it can also be a wonderful compliment for red- or purple-flowering anthurium, Colorful Aglaonema, Fittonia, and other variegated varieties.

There aren’t many plants that look like Geogenanthus ciliatus, aka Geo. This houseplant features large, shiny purple-black leaves. It’s also a relatively new houseplant, having previously only been available to plant collectors.
How it stands out: Big, shiny leaves, distinctive color.
How to use it with other plants: Display on tabletops with leafy green plants, where it can stand at center stage.

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson