DIY Together - Living Coffee Table

DIY Together - Living Coffee Table

Make a trendy living coffee table to display your favorite plants. It's easy -- we show you how! 

I’m not the handiest guy in the world. Put me out in the garden and give me a trowel and I’m confident as can be. But inside with a hammer, well I’m just as likely to hit my thumb as the nail I need to drive. So I’m envied people who do these cool projects in and around their homes.

If you’re like me, don’t worry --- Costa Farms is here to help! We’ve put together an easy project for you to transform a coffee table into a terrarium. I’ve always loved this look when I’ve seen it on Pinterest, and didn’t realize it could be as straightforward as it is.

It only takes a couple of hours and is surprisingly inexpensive if you already have a coffee table with a glass top or find a good deal on one at your local thrift store. Get the step-by-step instructions on YouTube!

There’s a wide variety of plants you can grow in a coffee table planter like this. We used succulents because most stay low growing and we had a really bright spot for this.

Echeveria: The classic succulent, they have a rose-like shape and come in a variety of colors and textures. If you like lavender, the variety Perle von Nurnberg is a classic you can’t go wrong with. If silvery-gray is more your thing, try Lola. And if you want to mix in some purple tones, E. purpusorum is a classic choice.

Crassula: A big plant family that includes super-popular Jade Plant, Crassula varieties like Campfire add fun texture and color. In coolish temperatures, Campfire lives up to its name by showing off bright orange tones in its fleshy foliage.

Graptoveria and Graptosedum: Hybrids of Graptopetalum and Echeveria and Graptopetalum and Sedum (respectively), these varieties have the same low water needs as their parents, but they have a different texture with their thick, fleshy leaves.

Don’t have bright light? Then try tropical foliage plants that tolerate lower light conditions like Selaginella, Ferns, Pilea, English Ivy, and Creeping Fig.

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Written by Justin Hancock