Easy-Care Colorful Aglaonema

Easy-Care Colorful Aglaonema

Easy-care Colorful Aglaonema 'Georgi's Ruby' -- a new variety -- is a hit. Learn more! 
We're very excited here at Costa Farms for our collection of Colorful Aglaonemas. Some of the easiest houseplants you can grow, they tolerate pretty much any household conditions you throw at them. Low light? No problem. Low humidity? Just fine. Forget to water from time to time? They can take it.

Last year in 2016 we released a new variety (Pink Dalmatian) and it won Best New Plant at the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE) trade show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We're excited to announce the judges like another new variety -- Georgi's Ruby -- and have awarded it the award in 2017!

In addition to being oh-so-easy to care for, Georgi's Ruby Colorful Aglaonema shows off incredible variegated foliage. Each green leaf is boldly veined in red and splashed with chartreuse. The effect is stunning on desks, tabletops, and any other area of your home or office. 

Watch for Georgi's Ruby a little later this year. And check out more of our cool new plants for 2017!

Written by Justin Hancock