Fantastic Fittonias

Fantastic Fittonias

Colorful fittonia gives you a lot of color in a little package! This small houseplant is adorable and easy to grow. 
Looking for a small houseplant that's cute, charming, and easy to grow? Look no farther than fittonia (nerve plant)! We adore fittonia because you can grow it just about anywhere. Its small stature makes it ideal for desks and tabletops, as well as windowsills. Because fittonia loves humidity, it's also a topnotch terrarium plant, adding lots of year-round color!

Fittonia's color comes from its leaves, not flowers, so you can enjoy it every day of the year without worrying about having your plant go in or out of bloom. Instead of being all green, the veins are bright red, pink, or white. These colors make fittonia a festive small houseplant for the holidays, but take away the seasonal decor and it still looks fabulous. 

Most fittonia varieties grow 8 inches tall or less. You can pinch the top of the new growth to keep the plant fuller and more bushy. This is especially helpful if you grow fittonia in a spot where it wants a little more light. When it comes to watering fittonia, it's best to keep the soil slightly moist or just let the top of the soil dry before watering again. (Get more on watering houseplants.) Unlike some houseplants, fittonia is not drought tolerant. It wilts quickly when it gets too dry -- but don't worry, it pops back up fast after you water it again. 

A tropical houseplant, fittonia likes humid conditions, so it's especially well suited to kitchens, bathrooms, and moist areas. It grows well outside, too, as a summer annual in shaded spots. So you can give your fittonia a summer vacation outdoors! 

Written by Justin Hancock