How Perennials Can Help You Live a Better Life

How Perennials Can Help You Live a Better Life

Perennials are perfect for every landscape. Be sure to add some to your yard!
Will planting perennials help you live a better life? At times it may seem like it! Perennials are the workhorses of the landscape: Plant them once, do a bit of yearly maintenance, and enjoy their beauty for years to come. I've always planted perennials in my garden because of their dependability -- and because they're such a great investment. Most perennials get bigger and better every year, and you can divide many perennials to make more plants (for free) to spread throughout your landscape or share with friends and neighbors. 

Having spring-blooming perennials saves time in spring because you don't need to go shopping as much when the garden centers are crowded. Because they're already in the ground, you don't have to take the extra time to plant them, either. When things get busy in spring, that can certainly make you feel like you're better off. 

Planting easy-care perennials in your landscape helps improve its curb appeal, making it more impressive to neighbors, friends, and passers by. A few long-blooming perennials that have been strategically placed can quickly transform an average (or below average) yard into one of the better-looking ones on the block. Pick the right varieties and you can enjoy blooms from perennials starting in spring when the snow melts (or even before) all the way to when hard freezes start to come in the fall. 

Think that you have to water a lot to enjoy pretty perennials? Think again! There are plenty of drought-tolerant varieties, that once established, survive with just natural rainfall in all but the most severe of droughts. 

Plan some perennials for your yard next year and enjoy the benefits. You just might feel like they improve your world! 

Written by Justin Hancock