Is it Time to Repot Your Snake Plant?

Is it Time to Repot Your Snake Plant?

If the roots are escaping from your pot, it's time to repot! (Actually, it's past time...)
So, if you ever wondered about when it was time to repot your snake plant, the photo at left should tell you.

It’s time. Well, it’s beyond time.

As you can see, my snake plant roots are literally busting out of the pot. A cry for help…

I’ve had this plant for 4 years. And it was big when I bought it. So I shouldn’t be surprised that it needs repotting. But I’m frankly surprised I didn’t hear an explosion on my screened porch. Or at least a creepy ripping sound. When the roots of your plant can break through a grower’s pot, you know they seriously want to be elsewhere.  Like in new soil. In a larger pot.

When you drop a grower’s pot into a larger decorative pot, you don’t often pull it back out again and inspect it. But you should. In my case, it wasn’t until rain was in the forecast and I decided to take all my houseplants outside for a shower. When I lifted my plant from its decorative container I saw that my snake plant was angling for a repotting.

Snake plants are so easy to grow, and so forgiving, that I didn’t see the signs that the plant might needed repotting. Because the plant looks so great. But for other plants, you may see these signs that they need an upgrade to a larger container:

--Are the roots growing out of the drainage holes?

--Does water run right through the pot and out the drainage holes when you water?

-- Does your plant wilt quickly after you water it?

If you see signs that your plant (like mine) needs repotting, here are some easy steps.


Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson