Three BIG Plants for Front Porch Flair

Three BIG Plants for Front Porch Flair

Make an outdoor welcome statement with large, showy plants.
Big plants make big statements on porches and front entryways. And three of Costa Farms’ trendy large-scale porch plants this season are eugenia, mandevilla, and lady palm, says Jorge Bernal, head grower of Blooming Tropicals for Research and Development at Costa Farms. 

Plant a formal look
One of the plants that catches attention in any front yard is eugenia,” says Jorge, “It’s very elegant.” This small-leaf evergreen shrub can be clipped into various forms, offering several beautiful shapes with a formal flair. Multiple balls, single balls -- no matter the style, these plants look great in containers or transplanted into the ground (in temperate locations). Pruned topiary eugenia also make great entrance plants, says Jorge. Place one on either side of your front door for a classic look. Eugenia does best in a sunny location.

Add bright flourishes
If you want bright color on your porch, try blooming tropicals such as mandevilla. (See our fields of growing mandevilla above.) “You can use them in hanging baskets,” says Jorge. Or plant trailing mandevilla around the base of large plants, such as eugenia,” he says. “Each mandevilla plant has a lot of flowers,” says Jorge about this popular tropical. Their other assets as a front-yard favorites are that the flowers last a long time and come in a range of hues to match any decor. Mandevilla do best in full sun (at least 6 hours of direct sun per day).

Go tall and leafy
If you want to create a sense of height on your porch (ideal for porches with tall ceilings), add a Lady Palm. “These are very peaceful plants -- and very versatile,” says Jorge. Lady palm is also called rhapis palm and offers shiny, dark green fronds. It tolerates lower light than most other palms.


Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson