Why Have Summer Houseplants

Why Have Summer Houseplants

Make your home happier and healthier this summer with houseplants!

I have plants in my house all year long, but I confess that I’ve traditionally given them the most attention in fall and winter when I’m used to spending more time inside. (Things are a little different now that I’m in Miami, and I enjoy spending time outside all year long.) Even if you’re not in the house as much this time of year, having houseplants around is plenty helpful. Here are five reasons why.

Blue Star FernReason 1: Plants Purify the Air

Don’t want to breathe in as many potentially harmful VOCs? Get a houseplant or two. Scientific studies reveal plants can remove small amounts of these chemicals from the air. The more energy-efficient your home is, the more likely these chemicals are to accumulate inside (especially if you keep your doors and windows closed because of the air conditioning).

Other research shows plants can also remove particulate matter, such as mold spores, from the air -- so they may be able to help if you suffer from summer allergies.

Reason 2: Plants Reduce Stress

Scientists studying the positive effects plants have on us discovered that exposure to indoor plants can be good for our minds, too. Numerous studies point to our leafy indoor companions as helping us relax and feel better. For example, at Kansas State University, studies showed that patients in hospital rooms decorated with plants needed fewer pain medications, experienced less anxiety, and were released from the hospital sooner than patients who didn’t have plants in their rooms. If a plant can help out that much when you’re sick, imagine what having a few houseplants in your living room does for you when you’re well!

Reason 3: Plants Can Help Keep You Cool

As they breathe, plants pull in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. As a part of this process, called evapotranspiration, they also release moisture into the air. Happily, evapotranspiration cools the air, too. I’ve seen some estimates suggest that a bunch of indoor plants can help reduce the temperature by as much as 10 degrees when it’s hot outside. So having plants strategically placed through your home may lessen the load on your air conditioner, and your wallet.

Reason 4: Plants Make Your Home Look Good

There’s nothing like a plant to help make your house or apartment feel more comfortable and homey. Indoor plants add a sense of life that we seem to connect with on a deep psychological level. (There’s actually a term for suffering from lack of exposure to plants: nature-deficit disorder.) And happily, houseplants are inexpensive décor items!

Reason 5: Plants Are Easy to Personalize

There are so many houseplants to choose from (especially in our Exotic Angel® Plants collection) that it’s easy to get just the look you want. But, you can go a step further and personalize your plants by picking just the right pot. You can select one from your local garden center, take a plain pot and decorate it (a fun DIY project!), or repurpose a household item into a chic planter.

Written by Justin Hancock