Why Wick & Grow®?

Why Wick & Grow®?

Take the guesswork out of when to water (and how much). Wick & Grow®  is the easy solution.
Does watering your plants stump you? Don’t worry, it’s confusing to a lot of people.

Although watering isn’t a hard concept (it’s just pouring water onto soil…), it’s the "when?" and  "how much?" that's the problem. 

Here's why it's confusing: Some plants need a lot of water (like those who come from areas of high rainfall, such as rain forests). And others prefer life on the dry side (especially those who hail from more desert-like locations).

So what’s the answer? Wick & Grow®!
This pot-based watering system takes the guesswork out of watering. And it makes very happy plants (and very happy plant owners).

I am one such happy plant owner. I have five Wick & Grow® plant/containers in my home. And each plant waters itself on its own timetable, not mine.

The “wick” of Wick & Grow® is a simple little string inserted into the bottom of the pot that allows plants to drink up water from a reservoir in the base of the container. Like a straw, the plants’ roots use the wick to take sips of water when the plant is thirsty.

It’s nothing short of brilliant. And it has really cut down on my watering responsibilities/guilt trips because my containers hold a fair amount of water—a little more than 3 cups.

Here’s how it works: I fill the bottom of the pot with water, set my plant into the container (making sure the wick is making contact with the water), then sit back and watch my plant flourish day after day (that’s the “grow” part of Wick & Grow®).

Every now and then I pick up the pot and give it a little shake. If I hear water glugging inside, I set it back down. If not, I refill the reservoir with more water. So darn easy.

If you’ve ever forgotten to water a houseplant (Hello, everyone!), Wick & Grow® is for you!