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Elegant Palms for Every Setting

Add easy-care, fantastic foliage to every room! Palms add architectural elegance and leafy lushness -- indoors and out. See our selection of favorite palms. By Doug Jimerson and Karen Weir-Jimerson

Versatile Majesty Palms

We love to use inexpensive Majesty palms everywhere -- in rooms that need a little life and on patios and porches. It makes a gorgeous “thriller” plant in a big outdoor container -- with showy Tropic Escape mandevilla and hibiscus surrounding its base.

Botanic name:  Ravenea rivularis

Care tip: Majesty palms like moist soil, but don’t allow them to dry out or sit in water. 

Majestic Majesty Palm

A native of Madagascar, Majesty palms are easy-care indoor palms that can grow 10 to 12 feet tall. They make a BIG impression in a room. Majesty palms like bright, indirect light. Use these inexpensive palms everywhere -- indoors and out. Their fantastic fronds of foliage add life to living rooms, bedrooms, and patios (in warm weather).

Botanic name:  Ravenea rivularis

Care tip: They love a humid environment, so mist them regularly to keep your plants happy and healthy. 

Learn more about majesty palm. 

Awesome Areca

This bushy plant, aka butterfly palm, is an interior decorator’s dream plant. Feathery, light green fronds spread out gracefully from the trunk, appearing like a fountain of foliage. Areca palms also help purify the air by removing toxins. This native beautiful palm delivers exotic lushness to your home and patio.

Botanic name: Chrysalidocarpus lutescens (also called Dypsis lutescens)

Care tip: Mist regularly to help prevent spider mites. 

Reed Palm

Reed palm (also called cane bamboo) features graceful stalks topped with beautiful dark green, feathery leaves. This palm is as adaptable as it is gorgeous; bamboo palms can thrive in almost any room in the house. Our bamboo palms are raised in low light conditions so that when they are placed in your home, they adapt instantly. This palm is planted in a white self-watering Lechuza planter (with attractive smooth black stones as a mulch) -- a combo that combines high-style with easy-care practicality.

Botanic name: Chamaedorea seifrizii

Care tip: When leaves turn yellow or brown, clip them off with sharp pruning shears. 

Raphis Palm

Raphis palm, often called Lady Finger Palm, has gorgeous dark green fan-shaped fronds. Our Lady Finger palms are grown on the island of Hawaii where plants are gently nurtured through their early days, then shipped to Florida where we carefully prepare them for home conditions. It remains compact and never outgrows its indoor setting. It has a narrow, upright growth habit (and furry trunk) so it doesn’t swallow space in a room. Elegant and well behaved. Planted in a Lechuza container, this palm offers easy-care elegance to patios, porches, and indoor spaces.

Botanic name: Rhapsis excelsia

Care tip: If your plant produces small plants at its base, you can carefully remove them and pot them as gifts for friends. 

Cat Palm

Cat palm is smaller than other palms and is ideal for small spaces such as apartments; it grows just 3 to 6 feet tall. Native to southern Mexico and Central America, Cat palms make lush additions on outdoor patios as well. Cat palms do best in bright light and moist (but not wet!) soil.

Botanic name: Chamaedorea cataractarum

Care tip: Cat palms don’t like dry soil, so make sure they are well hydrated. 

White Bird of Paradise

While not a palm, this showy plant has large bright green leaves that look lush and lovely in an indoor setting -- just as palms do. A South African native, bird of paradise is also called crane flower for its beautiful white-and-blue birdlike blooms. The large exotic banana-like leaves top slender stems; the plant assumes an upright growth habit, so it can fit into tall narrow spots and can grow up to 18 feet tall!

Botanic name: Stelitzia nicolai

Care tip: Allow the soil of this plant to dry between waterings. 

Elegant Kentia Palm

A premium plant! Kentia palm is an elegant plant that eagerly thrives indoors yet grows relatively slowly so it can be enjoyed for many years. You’ll regard this palm as a stylish addition to your room, adding lush color and graceful fronds.

Botanic name: Howea fosteriana

Care tip: Kentia palms are colder tolerant than some other palms, and can thrive in cold dips to 10 degrees F. 

Ponytail Palm

Although not a true palm, this sassy little plant has a tousled headdress that sits upon a swollen base (it’s other common name is elephant’s foot). This base stores water so it’s extra easy to care for (in that you don’t have to water it as often as other houseplants -- about every couple weeks). Ponytail palm can grow in full sun to light shade, so it can be placed virtually anywhere in the house or patio. It is native to dessert areas and is more like a cactus than a palm.

Botanic name: Beaucarnea recurvata

Care tip: Place indoors in living areas because ponytail palms purify the air from toxins. 

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