Add Color Indoors with Exotic Angel Houseplants

Add Color Indoors with Exotic Angel Houseplants

Dress up your home with colorful, easy-care, air-purifying plants. 
If you ask me, houseplants are practically too good to be true -- especially Exotic Angel® houseplants. After all, they're relatively inexpensive, will last as long as you take care of them (I've heard stories of 30+ year-old snake plants!), and look good indoors. Plus, most houseplants help clean the air by filtering out harmful VOCs. (Our O2 for You collection of houseplants contains the varieties that purify the air the best.)

Plus, houseplants are colorful. Most types have rich green leaves that match just about any color scheme you'd want to put them with. And if you want to be trendy and enjoy colors other than green, there are variegated varieties (such as the red Rex begonia and variegated Belgian Waffle waffle plant shown here) you can choose. 

Here are some tips for using houseplants as decor:
Dress Up Your Desk with low-growing varieties such as Rex begonia, waffle plant, and nerve plant. Because these varieties stay small, you don't have to worry about them taking over. 
Make Your Bathroom feel like a spa (if you have windows) by including humidity-loving houseplants such as ferns and mosses. Scientific research shows that being around plants helps to reduce stress, so they're perfect plants for placing around your bath if you enjoy taking long soaks in the tub. 
Create a Living Centerpiece with Exotic Angel® houseplants. There's a wide variety of textures available, including grassy Madagascar dragon tree (which looks like an adorable tuft of grass when it's young), exotic earth stars, and lush philodendrons.

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Written by Justin Hancock