DIY Together - Lush Ladder

DIY Together - Lush Ladder

Add plants to small space in your bathroom with this super-easy project. We show you how!

I’ve always liked the look of plants on shelves, but I’ve never really felt like I have the right wall to get the look I wanted. So when the team was brainstorming DIY projects to do with you this spring, inspiration struck and we came up with this super-simple ladder/shelf concept.

While it’s perfect for practically any room, we were thinking it’s a fabulous addition to the bathroom where it can double as an artful way to add storage like extra hand towels, scented candles, bath bombs, etc.

It’s easier than it looks to put together a shelf like this --- it’s perfect to do on a rainy/snowy day! It only takes a couple of hours and looks great when you’re done. Get the step-by-step instructions on YouTube!

If you’re selecting plants for your bathroom, the first -- and most important – thing to consider is light. If you have a bathroom with big windows (or even a skylight, like I was lucky enough to have in my last house) then your plant palette is broad. If you have a low-light bathroom – say a small window, or a good size window that’s obstructed by trees, etc., then your choices are more limited. If your bathroom has no windows and you don’t want to leave a light on all day, then I wouldn’t recommend it for plants.

In bright conditions, some wonderful plants to infuse color and life your bathroom include:

Calathea: There are dozens of Calathea varieties and most feature patterned leaves. Pink is one of the more common colors, but you can also find types that have silver, purple, burgundy, and other colors.
Tip: Have trouble with Calathea in the past? Try Network -- it's the best starter Calathea we've grown! 

Polka Dot Plant: This plant earned its name because its green leaves are heavily speckled and spotted with red, white, or pink (depending on variety). It’s easy to propagate from cuttings, too, so you can share with friends.

In lower-light bathrooms, some wonderful plants to consider include:

Snake Plant: This is one plant that will survive practically anywhere, and can survive up to a month between waterings if you accidentally forget about it.

Golden Pothos: This is a climbing/trailing vine that adds color and texture thanks to its heart-shaped leaves playfully marked with golden yellow. It’s an ideal plant for beginners as it holds up well to a wide range of conditions.

Tip: If your bathroom is really low light, add LED lights to the undersides of the shelves to provide your plants with the illumination they need. 

Look for these plants and a host of other fun choices at your local Walmart (either in-store or online)!

Written by Justin Hancock