Get Happy with a Waffle Plant

Get Happy with a Waffle Plant

Easy care and colorful, waffle plants add leafy cheer to every room. 
Just hearing the word “waffle” makes me happy. And when it’s combined with the word “plant” it gets even better (and a lot less fattening) for a houseplant lover like me.

Purple waffle plant (Hemigraphis) is a small, delightful houseplant that sports lightly puckered leaves that can be purplish-green, burgundy, or variegated in pink or yellow and white. The plants grow about 6 to 8 inches tall and look terrific grouped together on a bright windowsill. Or you mix them with other tiny treasures such as Nerve plant, Peperomia, or Selaginella in a terrarium or under a glass cloche or bell jar.

To keep your purple waffle plant happy make sure the soil never dries out completely. These easy-care beauties thrive when their soil is slightly moist, but not wet. Just be sure to keep them away from cold drafts or heat vents during the winter.

Purple waffle plants require very little maintenance. If they happen to get a bit tall or straggly, don’t be afraid to prune them back. Feed the plants with a liquid houseplant fertilizer several times a year to keep them in top form.

Some of my favorite varieties include Belgian Waffle plant that develops bright green leaves edged with cream and dragon’s tongue (above) that has narrow, textural, burgundy foliage. Other good choices include Snow White waffle plant with pink-and-white foliage (top) and, of course, the original purple waffle plant (left) with its rich purple leaves.

Written by Doug Jimerson