The Best Pothos Variety for Your Personality

The Best Pothos Variety for Your Personality

We help you pick the perfect pothos variety. 
Pothos is one of the most popular—and trendy—houseplants of the day. It’s no wonder why. This indoor plant is fabulously forgiving of different growing conditions. It also sports lush variegated foliage. Because it’s a vine, you can grow it a variety of ways (hanging baskets, across a mantle, up a totem, etc.). 

There are just shy of a dozen pothos varieties available, with some fresh new types having come out in the last few years. Here’s a guide to the best type for your personality. 

Golden PothosI’m a Houseplant Beginner
New to houseplants? Start with golden pothos (Epipremnum aureum). It’s one of the most commonly available and tolerant pothos varieties. It sports medium-green leaves flecked and streaked in creamy gold. The foliage can get large — more than 10 inches across — when you grow it up a totem in a warm, bright, humid spot. 

Jade PothosI’m a Minimalist
Most pothos varieties sport variegated foliage, but ‘Jade’ is an all-green type. It shows off lush, dark-green, heart-shaped leaves that can grow to an impressive size in the right conditions. Just one ‘Jade’ is the perfect accent for your favorite space.  

Neon PothosI’m All About Color
If bold and bright is your thing, you’re sure to love ‘Neon’ pothos, which bears bright golden-yellow leaves. In bright light, the new growth is almost a startling shade of chartreuse. In dimmer spots, it’s more lime green in color. As the leaves mature, they grow darker in color. But happily, a healthy ‘Neon’ pothos is always producing fresh foliage.

Pearls and Jade PothosI’m Whimsical
Pearls and Jade® is the pothos variety for you if you have a fun, whimsical style. Each leaf is different—sometimes drastically so. The mid-green leaves are streaked and splashed with cream, white, silver, and mint. Pearls and Jade® produces smaller foliage than most other types. It's also slower growing, so it’s also a good pick if you don’t have a lot of space.

Marble Queen PothosI’m About the Classics
‘Marble Queen’ is an essential pothos variety. It features teardrop-shaped mid-green leaves streaked and splashed with creamy white. Each cutting is different and can sport more or less variegation, depending on the mother plant. (We propagate the ‘Marble Queen’ pothos in our Exotic Angel® Plants from only the most highly variegated shoots. They can look like a different variety than ‘Marble Queen’ from other sources.)

I’m a Trendsetter
If you want to be ahead of the trend, ‘Manjula’ may be for you. A newer pothos variety, it features heart-shaped leaves (wider than other selections) that are highly variegated and often edged in green. It’s become a favorite for its distinctive look and relatively slow-growing nature. 

Cebu Blue PothosI’m a Collector
One of the newest pothos varieties in our Exotic Angel® Plants collection is ‘Cebu Blue’. This pretty pothos has wing-shaped leaves in a metallic shade of silvery blue. Though ‘Cebu Blue’ is a different species than the others listed here (Epipremnum pinnatum vs. Epipremnum aureum), it requires the same care.

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Written by Justin Hancock