Upcycle to Make Creative Container Gardens

Upcycle to Make Creative Container Gardens

Check out these ideas for fun, creative containers. 
One of the great things about container gardens is that you can enjoy them anywhere. Unlike planting in the ground, you don't have to worry about a sense of permanence with potted plants (unless, of course, you have really big, heavy pots). Another aspect I like about container gardening is that it gives you the opportunity to really personalize your efforts. Containers make decorating with plants so easy and fun! 

An easy way to bring lots of creativity into container gardens is with the container itself. I've seen some amazing gardens that use upcycled (recycled) containers. It adds a splash a fun and color, but also helps keep items from cluttering your garage -- or going into landfills. Here are some easy ideas.

1. Hang a Colander
The first rule of container gardens is that they need to have good drainge so excess water can escape and your plants don't drown. An old colander is ideal for plants that like lots and lots of drainage (like succulents). You can get a really chic, modern look by pairing a silvery-blue echeveria, for example, in an old metal colander. 

2. Use a Tire
Unless you're really creative, it may seem like there's not a lot you can do with an old tire. But, it can be a fun, interesting planter! Just drill a hole or two through the rubber (hint: use a heavy-duty drill bit) and then hang a tire or mount it on your fence. Fill the bottom with soil and plant away! Smaller tires, such as what you'd find on a golf cart, can make fun centerpieces on a tabletop. 

3. Go Fancy with a Light Fixture
There are some really interesting light fixtures out there that can be fantastic container gardens. Sconces can be mounted on a wall and other types can be hung from a pergola, tree, or other structure. 

4. Recycle Those Rain Boots
If you've spent much time looking for gardening ideas on Pinterest, you've probably seen some adorable rubber rain boots filled with soil and planted with charming flowers or foliage. Make sure there's a hole big enough for excess water to run out and you have something super cute! 

5. Plant in Paint Cans
Add artistic flair to your yard by punching a hole in an old paint can and plant it with color-coordinated flowers. The more paint that's spilled over the side, the better! 

6. Revitalize Old Furniture
Personally, I'm in love with the idea of taking an old armoire or chest of drawers, sealing it with a marine-grade sealant, and planting it. I've not found the right piece yet, but I know I will one of these days! It can be an ideal way to add structure to your yard -- and, depending on the piece, may double as a potting bench or tabletop for outdoor dining! 

These are just a few ideas --- the sky's the limit when recycling. We'd love to see things you've upcycled to create container gardens. Share pictures with us on Facebook!  

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Written by Justin Hancock