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Tuesday, October 6, 2015 Exotic Angel PlantsHome DecorHouseplants

Best Houseplants for Apartments

Houseplants are the perfect way to make your apartment feel a little cozier and more like home. They also purify the air and have other benefits. We'll help you choose the perfect plants for your apartment. 

Best Houseplants for Apartments with Low-Light 
If your apartment doesn't see a lot of sun or has smallish windows, low-light plants are probably your best bet. What does "low light" really mean? Consider your space low light if you can comfortably read a book, magazine, or newspaper without having to turn on extra lighting. Some of the best houseplants for apartments with low-light include:
  > Chinese evergreen
  > Red aglaonema
  > Snake plant
  > ZZ plant 

Best Houseplants for Bright Apartments
If your apartment gets plenty of light -- enough so that there are strong shadows throughout the day, you have some more choices -- including flowering houseplants. Enjoy varieties such as:
  > Anthurium
  > Desert Gems cacti
  > Echeveria (and other succulents)

Best Houseplants for Small Apartments 
Plants grow bigger and more beautiful over time. Sadly, apartments don't. If you want a variety that stays small and tidy, go with:
  > Desert Gems cacti
  > Moth orchid
  > Nerve plant
  > Peperomia
  > Purple waffle plant

Best Houseplants for Your Apartment If You Forget to Water
The two key things to success with houseplants is having the right  light and the right amount of water for your particular plants. If you're not the most faithful waterer (whether you're always on the go, get distracted, or just tend to forget), don't worry -- these plants may be for you!
  > Chinese evergreen 
  > Ponytail palm
  > Red aglaonema
  > Snake plant

Best Houseplants for Your Apartment If You Tend to Water a Lot
There's an old expression that some people "kill plants with kindness." It's true: Too much water will do a houseplant in more quickly than too little. If you like to give your houseplants a lot of moisture, try these:
  > Lucky bamboo
  > Money tree
  > Peace lily

Best Houseplants If Your Apartment Needs a Tree
If you have space for one, there's nothing like a tree in your apartment. It doesn't have to be a big one -- there are tabletop varieties such as bonsai.
Dracaena Anita
Ficus bonsai 
Ficus (regular size)
Fukien tea bonsai
Madagascar dragon tree

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