4 Ways to Decorate Tiny Outdoor Spots

4 Ways to Decorate Tiny Outdoor Spots

Transform a small terrace, deck, or yard into a beautiful outdoor haven.
Make a beautiful outdoor haven on your small terrace, deck, or yard with these four easy ideas. You can make a big impact in a small spot. 

1. Plant in Large Pots
It might seem counterintuitive to go big in a small place, but it works. Using oversize planters in a small backyard helps create a focal point. Here are beautiful ideas for large tropical containers with big plants. 

2. Use Vertical Space
Even if your on-the-ground square footage is small, you can still capitalize on the vertical spaces in your yard. Plant tall, columnar plants such as Majesty palm, Yucca cane, and Bird of Paradise to get vertical lift. Or add a trellis to grow perennial climbing vines such as jasmine or clematis. And you can also add shelves to the side of your house or garage to display houseplants and flowering annuals.

3. Connect Spaces (on the ground and in the air)
On the ground, connect spaces by using mulch, stone, or groundcovers -- this helps create visual continuity. For example you can connect a tree to a garden bed through mulch, making it feel like an element rather than two disjointed and separate planting areas. Create continuity from above by adding string lights to make a small area feel more uniform and festive. Decluttering your area also helps. See how. 

4. Create a Theme
A small space feels more purposeful if you use a theme to unite it. For example, if you love butterflies, introduce the elements of a butterfly garden, such as host plants, butterfly watering dish, and plantings. Add garden ornaments to support your theme. Or choose a color theme, such as a neutral palette of cream and white (as in the photo above) to visually tie areas of the space together. 

Written by Karen Weir-Jimerson