Make an Easy-Care Yard

Make an Easy-Care Yard

It's garden-planning season. Plan to add no-fuss cacti and succulents to get a beautiful yard that’s super easy to care for.
Cacti and succulents are some of the hottest plants around. And it’s easy to see why: They’re a cinch to care for and cacti -- and succulents offer color and texture unlike any other plant varieties. The Desert Escape collection is ideal for beginners or folks who think they’re too busy to have a good-looking landscape. Cacti and succulents are a fun choice to replace old-fashioned summer annuals!

Desert Escape Varieties
Desert Escape plants are divided into three categories: Statement Plants, Accent Plants, and Border Plants.
Statement Plants are among the boldest and most dramatic in the collection. These upright varieties add height to the landscape and include milk cactus, red trigona, agave, and cereus. 
Accent Plants lend texture to your landscape. They’re not as large as the statement plants, so are typically used in the middle of beds and borders. Varieties include kalanchoe, aloe, and jade plants. 
Border Plants stay short and compact, making them perfect for the front of the border. These low-growing plants include echeveria and portulacaria.

Landscaping with Desert Escape Plants
Desert Escape plants will thrive in just about any sunny spot in your landscape. They’re especially good choices for challenging hot and sunny spots (such as the area around mailboxes and parking strips) where other plants can have trouble growing. Because they don’t require a ton of water, Desert Escape cacti and succulents are also a fun choice for decorating the back corner of your yard. 

Likewise, Desert Escape is ideal for planting along pathways or sidewalks where you can enjoy their exotic beauty up close. They help soften straight lines and add pizzazz to curves. Or plant a border of these beautiful cacti and succulents along the edge of your deck or patio to dress up your outdoor living spaces.

Cacti and succulents are natural choices for rock gardens, too -- site your favorite Desert Escape plants around large rocks and small boulders for a decidedly rugged look. 

Container Gardening with Desert Escape
Low-maintenance Desert Escape cacti and succulents are also ideal for use in container gardens. Their minimal water requirements mean they’ll hold up better to heat and drought than traditional summer favorites! Plus, Desert Escape plants look fantastic with trendy summer colors such as glazed red or blue containers -- as well as traditional terra cotta.

Written by Justin Hancock