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The Surprising Life of a Norfolk Island Pine

From high-altitude seed harvests in Hawaii to growing fields in south Florida, your Norfolk Island pine makes a long and miraculous journ...

Houseplants Help You Have Healthy Skin

Discover how having houseplants can help your skin stay healthy and beautiful.

Houseplants Make You Healthier

There are many scientifically proven benefits to having plants in your home or office. Learn about some of the ways plants really can imp...

Healthy Shiny Houseplant Leaves

Keep your houseplant leaves happy and healthy with regular cleaning. 

What is My Plant? Fleshy Leaves

Do you have a plant that you need help identifying? Touch the leaf! Is it thick and sort of springy to the touch? See which houseplants h...

My Houseplants Keep Me Healthy

Discover five ways plants can help keep you from getting sick. 

3 Simple Ways to De-Stress

A recent article from the Huffington Post listed 20 ways to destress. Three of them involve plants.

How Plants Make You More Mindful

Improve your awareness and sense of well-being by having a relationship with another living thing. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

10 Best Low-Water Houseplants

If you love houseplants, but occasionally forget to water them, chose varieties that thrive on neglect. Here are ten great indoor plants ...

Lighten Up with Artificial Lights

Offer a sunny day (everyday!) to your indoor plants using grow lights.

Watering Plants Indoors and Out

Keeping your indoor and outdoor plants hydrated is essential if you want them to remain in top form. By Doug Jimerson

Why Wick & Grow®?

Take the guesswork out of when to water (and how much). Wick & Grow®  is the easy solution.

A Plethora of Pothos Varieties

Did you know pothos comes in a bunch of different varieties? By Justin Hancock

A Shopper's Guide to Exotic Angel® Plants

Discover how to buy plants from Exotic Angel® for your home and health. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

Top Gifts for Mother's Day

There are lots of ways to celebrate Mom, but I think one of the very best is with the beauty of a live plant. Houseplants are long-lived ...

Caring for Plants with Pebble Mulch

Use these helpful hints for taking care of dish gardens and other plants with fixed rocks.

10 Ways to Celebrate the Earth (at Home)

Here are easy things to do this spring (or anytime) to celebrate and sustain the health of the planet we call home. By Karen Weir-Jimerson

10 Ways to Save $$$ on Gardening

There are easy ways to trim the cost of gardening projects. Water less, weed less, cut down on herbicide use, and turn your landscape in...

Hot Drop: Trending Tropicals at Costco

In March 2024, look for your favorite Trending Tropicals® varieties at select Costco stores!

New Collection: Tiny Plants

Want more houseplants but you're not sure where to put them? Costa Farms feels you! To help solve that for you, the team put together a n...

Plant Care Tips

Light for Houseplants Light for Outdoor Plants Watering Houseplants Watering Outdoor Plants The Wick & Grow® Self-Wateri...

About Plant Patents

It can be confusing to see a plant tag say "propagation prohibited." Learn more about plant patents and why tags have to say this.

Mixing Trending Tropicals® Houseplants

Discover creative ways to combine Trending Tropicals® houseplants.

Yellow Leaves: Can This Plant Be Saved?

Yellow leaves look lovely on autumn trees. But if your green-leafed houseplants are yellowing up, it’s time to take action.